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French Chef Alain Dutournier

For French chefs, late autumn and early winter is the best time to take a walk around markets and think about new menus, and Chef Alain is no exception. He loves to explore seasonal ingredients to create new dishes, which explains why his autumn and winter menus always bring interesting surprises to culinary connoisseurs.

During the 3rd “Festival Flavours” gastronomic event hosted by the Press Club in Hanoi, Chef Alain will offer his own views on “green cuisine”, also known as “sustainable development in cuisine”, an issue that is of great interest to the world today. What are macrobiotic dishes? Why use a reliable source of ingredients? Should protein and green vegetables be preferred? What is the best way to use oil, butter, and cream in cooking? The answers are on Chef Alain’s autumn and winter menus, which will be launched very soon at the Press Club.

The menu will focus on southwestern French dishes, where he was born. Diners will also experience a harmonious and balanced combination between appetizers, main dishes, and desserts, as well as the perfect “pairing” of food and wine, as Chef Alain is also an excellent sommelier.

Chef Alain is one of the most famous Michelin-starred chefs in Paris nowadays and has two restaurants in prime locations in the French capital. He has the talent to turn ordinary seasonal ingredients into extremely special dishes. With a rich knowledge of garden vegetables and fruit, cattle and poultry raising, as well as forest animals and seafood, he always follows a philosophy of respecting nature and maximizing the freshness of the ingredients in his cooking style. This is also the foundation of “green cuisine”.


He was born in southwestern France into a family where his grandmother and mother dedicated most of their time to cooking and where he learned to respect and appreciate authentic local products.

He opened his first bistro, Au Trou Gascon, when he was 24 years old. Located in the 12th Arrondissement, the bistro today is a 1-Michelin Star Restaurant, while his Le Carré des Feuillants is a 2-Michelin Star Restaurant.

The Press Club has been a trusted gastronomic address for Hanoians for the past two decades. Located in the heart of Hanoi’s old French Quarter, its La Table du Chef restaurant offers a peaceful, private, and elegant space to appreciate the sophistication of French cuisine. The restaurant features 70 seats arranged in five different seating areas and is open to guests for lunch and dinner every day. VN Economic Times

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