TV series,Cát Đỏ
Cát Đỏ (Bloody Sand) portrays the lives of three single women and their children who face challenges in love and work. — Photo courtesy of the producer

The 30-part series, Cát Đỏ (Bloody Sand), portrays the lives of three single women and their children who face challenges in love and work.

It focuses on Nhớ and her difficulties in life and work that poor farmers face daily. Nhớ works hard to develop her family’s traditional business, nước mắm (fish sauce) making. 

Fish sauce was first made in Binh Thuan in 1804. Among dozens of the province’s famous fish sauce brandnames, Lien Thanh, made by a private company, was recognised as Vietnam’s oldest fish sauce brand by the Vietnam Guinness Records in 2007. 

The film’s veteran director, Luu Trong Ninh, who has 30 years of experience in film, shows how the young women were able to fight and redirect their life after suffering. The traditional values kept by different generations in the rural areas of Vietnam are also highlighted.

Ninh said key parts of the series were rewritten during shooting to meet the taste of audiences.

“Our series is aimed at the farming community, where entertainment shows and films on television and radio usually rule the roost,” he said. 

Ninh‘s staff travelled and worked with local farmers of Binh Thuan to capture beautiful scenes of traditional culture and rural life. 

TV series,Cát Đỏ
A scene in the 30-part series Cát Đỏ (Bloody Sand), a TV show featuring female farmers living in a remote village in Binh Thuan Province. The series has made a deep impression on audiences after airing on Vietnam Television. — Photo courtesy of the producer

He invited talented actresses Thuy Diem, Tuyet Nga and Thuy Huong, graduates of the HCM City University of Theatre & Cinematography, to play leading roles. “I wanted my characters’ lives to be realistic stories,” said Ninh. 

“I think audiences are tired of watching urban life on television. Through my series, I want people, particularly youth, to learn new and useful things about rural people and their work,” actress Diem of HCM City, who plays Nhỡ, said. 

“I loved playing in Cát Đỏ, which is production about young women who are brave and ambitious, and use their knowledge and skills to help local villagers escape from poverty.” 

“I have improved myself during shooting. I hope my fans will see this improvement after watching the series," she said. 

Cát Đỏ airs on VTV3 at 9.30pm every Thursday and Friday.  VNS 

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