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The 2020 Tu Lan Adventure Race will be held in July in Quang Binh Province. — Photo oxalisadventure.com

The sixth event was first planned to be held from March 31 to April 2 but was postponed because of the novel coronavirus.

Nguyen Chau A, director of Oxalis Adventure, organisers of the event, said: “This year’s race will be delayed to July, but if the pandemic continues, it will be cancelled. The organisers will release follow-up announcements to update participants.”

Tu Lan Adventure Race, held in Quang Binh Province, is one of the most popular events in Vietnam.

It is a race for 100 athletes who are divided in 10 teams. They will take part in different challenges such as a 14km boat race, 10km run and 19km trekking and underground swimming through the Tu Lan Cave System.

The system, made up of over 10 giant wet and dry underground caves, is the perfect base for the race as it provides the most ideal terrain conditions, conducive to raw adventure in the wild. Athletes are allowed to participate in the race just once in their lifetime.


Through the event, organisers will support local poor people in the Tan Hoa Village with ‘floating houses’ during the harsh rainy seasons that the region faces every year.

According to the organisers: “The challenging race is an extraordinary event for fitness enthusiasts, who are willing to demonstrate amazing team spirit by physically pushing themselves to the absolute limits and also making a very positive change in the local community’s life.

“This is an event in which participation requires teaming up, where participants will be faced with all the challenges of the adventure race together, sharing the same roof and even standing a chance to enjoy triumph as a team.”

Furthermore, the race has contributed to spreading the most beautiful and unique images of Quang Binh’s nature to both Vietnamese and international friends. — VNS

World-renowned Son Doong Cave tours postponed due to pandemic

World-renowned Son Doong Cave tours postponed due to pandemic

From March 17, Oxalis Adventure, the only tour company licensed to bring tourists to Son Doong as the largest cave on the planet, will cancel tours until the end of May.

Tour to world's largest cave of Son Doong to run until 2030

Tour to world's largest cave of Son Doong to run until 2030

Authorities of the central province of Quang Binh have allowed tours to the world's largest cave of Son Doong to be continued until the end of 2030.