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Tickets for the match between the UAE and Vietnam on sale online at exorbitant prices

The clash is scheduled to take place at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi on November 14.   

A pair of VND300,000 (USD13) tickets are being sold at up to VND2.4 million (USD104). Tickets which have real value of VND200,000 has been put on sale at VND1.5 million.

Meanwhile, some people are selling VND400,000-tickets at VND3.5 million a pair.


Despite being overpriced, many touts decided to buy tickets in the hope to sell them at even higher prices as the match nears.

Similar circumstances surrounded the Malaysia-Vietnam World Cup qualifier. Ticket prices ballooned ahead of the match.

However, many touts suffered millions of VND in losses as they set the prices to high. Dtinews

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