Thanh Toan bridge


From now on, the fair will be held on the 16th day of the lunar month, even during the rainy season.

It will introduce food, folk games and choi singingperformances to visitors who will also have a chance to visit traditionalagricultural and fisheries equipment exhibition house.

Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the provincialDepartment of Tourism, said the event will be organised by businesses and localcommunity under the auspices of the local authorities.

The Thanh Toanarch bridge has both sides protected by railings with balconies, crossing anirrigation canal extending from the entrance to the end of Thanh Toan village,Thuy Thanh commune, about 8km from the centre of Hue city. It has become a populartourist destination.

It was recognisedby the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national relic site in1990.

During peakseason from March to September, the bridge welcomes nearly 200 visitors per day,mostly foreigners.

The provincespent around 13 billion VND (565,000 USD) on the upgrade and restoration of thebridge.

The JapanInternational Cooperation Agency also supported a project on community-based ruraltourism development in Thuy Thanh commune.-VNA