4th Hanoi Theatre Festival
A scene from Bạch Đàn Liễu play directed by Tran Luc. — Photo facebook LucTeam

The play by late playwright Xuan Trinh was made last year by Luc as a part of a national seminar about the playwright. 

Set in a rural northern village in 1968, the play focuses on human rights and democratic reform against those abusing their power. 

Through a love story that begins and ends in the presence of the eucalyptus tree, the writer conveyed a message about the corruption in rural areas. 

Luc made good use of the author's message that is still an unsolved problem in today's society in the production. 

"The play was penned nearly 50 years ago but its significance makes the audience think," said veteran director Tran Minh Ngoc at an awarding ceremony last weekend in Hanoi. 

"The play is shorter but it's spirit and the author's convey are highlighted. The story is still suitable for Party building and administration strengthening to serve the people's interests."

Trinh wrote the play after his field trip to a rural area. It was based on a real story. The play was staged once in 1973 by Vietnam Drama Theatre and then it was censored. 


The original play was about three hours long and was shortened to 75 minutes in the new version. 

Playwright Trinh (1936-1991) was awarded a State Prize for Literature and Arts. 

"I believe that the play won the audience's heart with a convincing plot," said Luc. 

"At present, there are few plays with anti-corruption themes. The playwright's message is meaningful that if we want to build a developed society, we have to erase those using personal advantages to earn private benefits and group benefits."

Born to an artistic family, Luc's grandfather is writer Tran Tieu and his father is one of the most popular chèo (popular opera) playwrights, Tran Bang. 

He has won awards including Best Actor at the 10th Vietnam National Film Festival in 1993 and Silver Lotus at the 11th festival in 1996. 

He also won the Best Director award at the 2nd Hanoi Theatre Festival in 2016.

The Hanoi Theatre Festival was held by the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports and Vietnam Theatre Artist's Association as a part of activities to celebrate the 1,100th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi.  VNS

Hanoi Theatre Festival to begin on Saturday

Hanoi Theatre Festival to begin on Saturday

A theatre production entitled Trương Chi – Mị Nương will open the 4th Hanoi Theatre Festival on Saturday.