Hòa nhạc gây Quỹ vắc xin Covid-19 xóa nhòa khoảng cách không gian

The online concert was broadcast live at 8pm (Vietnam time) on the national television channel VTV1.

The concert was led by conductor Le Phi Phi from Europe, Meritorious Artist Vuong Thach and the symphony orchestra of the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera with the participation of famous singers performing immortal songs. The event had the participation of People's Artist Ta Minh Tam, singer Thu Minh from Singapore, singer Tung Duong, singer Pham Thu Ha, and the band Oplus.

Thousands of Vietnamese in Vietnam, the US, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore watched the concert and contributed to the vaccine fund by: Transferring to the fund’s bank accounts; Sending text message COVID NK to 1408; and donating online via website https://www.quyvacxincovid19.gov.vn.

Through the website, domestic and foreign organizations and individuals can register and contribute directly to provinces, cities, specific agencies and organizations, and leave their wishes and messages to their relatives, friends, frontline anti-pandemic teams, and others. Donors receive online Sponsor Certificates immediately.

During the concert, Vietnamese from all over the world shared their thoughts.

From London, a first-year student named Hung Anh said: “I started my overseas study program from September 2020; at this time the epidemic broke out strongly in the UK. My parents in Vietnam were very worried and wanted to find a way to take me home. My parents and the parents of other international students intended to hire a charter flight to take all of us back to Vietnam. The cost of the charter flight was too expensive, so I told my parents that I would find a way back myself. And we should use that money to do more useful things for society." Hung Anh urged young people to contribute to the National Vaccine Fund.

Tran Thi Thuy, who lives in Seoul, South Korea, said that she has been settled in Korea for five years, after getting married to a Korean man. Before the epidemic began last year, Thuy and her family had returned to Vietnam annually. But for the past two years she has not returned home. She said that despite many difficulties, Vietnamese people in South Korea always look to the home country. They have established a fund for Vietnam. “No matter where we are, we always look towards Vietnam. I hope that with the contribution of every Vietnamese at home and abroad, we will meet again very soon," she said.

From Dai An pagoda in Honjo, Japan, the nun Quang Thuy and many Vietnamese in Japan were moved to be connected with the program. Dai An Pagoda is a shelter for many Vietnamese workers who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We all miss our homeland very much. This concert has brought positive energy that we all need on order to do good things,” the nun said.

The nun of Dai An Pagoda said she hoped that the Covid-19 vaccine fund would receive great contributions from Vietnamese at home and abroad.

Hello Vietnam by Pham Thu Ha.


The song about white-blouse soldiers

Come back to Sorrento by People's Artist Ta Minh Tam.

Sole Mio by Tung Duong.

When you believe by Thu Minh.

We are the world by Oplus

Huy Vu/Moc Mien

COVID-19 vaccine fund receives over 211.3 million USD in cash donations so far

COVID-19 vaccine fund receives over 211.3 million USD in cash donations so far

The national COVID-19 vaccine fund has received more than 4.85 trillion VND (211.35 million USD) worth of donations from 291,818 organisations and individuals as of 5pm on June 13, according to the fund's management board.