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Singer Huyen Trang has released an album dedicated to fallen soldiers. — Photo courtesy of the artist

In the video Em Vẫn Đợi Anh (I Still Wait for You), she plays the role of a wife whose husband went to the front. Hearing the news that he died in the battle, the wife cries and runs through an endless rice field.

The video is a part of a new album Mãi Vẹn Nguyên (Still Intact) released to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for national liberty.

“Trang’s acting in that scene touched my heart,” People’s Artist Thanh Hoa said at the launch of the album held early this week in Hanoi.

“The young woman was deeply pained, she doesn’t do anything but run. She keeps running until she falls down in the spacious rice field. She looks small, heartbroken and lonely.”

“Though the album is about war, it doesn’t just focus on loss and misery, it sends a clear message of respect and gratitude. Trang’s voice is mild and sweet,” Hoa said.

Trang won the Sao Mai (Morning Star) National Singing Contest in 2013 in the folk singing category. She currently follows the folk music genre and performs revolutionary songs.


In the music video The Legendary Flowers, Trang sings to praise the beauty and the bravery of 10 young female volunteers who sacrificed their lives for the Dong Loc Victory. The fallen women at Dong Loc T-junction, a part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the central province of Ha Tinh, became a legend and symbol of bravery and sacrifice for national independence.

The new album also consists of a video reflecting the love of young people in wartime.

Singer Trang said she wants to express gratitude to the previous generation through music.

“The forefathers devoted their youth and lives to national freedom, some people returned with wounds, some laid down their lives on the battlefield forever,” said Trang.

Director Anh Quan said the album was shot in the central provinces. Viewers will see peaceful scenes in rural areas, the beautiful sea landscape and the emotional scenes shot at the cemetery of the martyrs.  VNS

We will never forget their heroic sacrifice

We will never forget their heroic sacrifice

Memorial ceremonies are always emotional. And the emotions are sure to bubble up in a stronger and more special way when the ceremonies take place at spots where the martyrs spent their final minutes.

New life after the war

New life after the war

Thuan Thanh wounded soldiers’ nursing centre in Bac Ninh province, is currently taking care of and providing rehabilitation for 98 war invalids and wounded soldiers who come from many locales across the country.