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The cover of Black Horse and The Story of the Jungle, published by Kim Đồng Publishing House. Photo

The series, consisting of six books, is published by the Kim Đồng Publishing House.

The first book is Hắc Tuấn Mã (Black Horse), the memoirs of a horse. 

It is the latest Vietnamese version of the classic Black Beauty: His Grooms and Companions, the Autobiography of a Horse by British novelist Anna Sewell, one of the world’s best authors of children books.

Black Horse rarely has peaceful moments yet he still believes in the sacred affection between owners and pets. It is a light of hope, a source of cool water that partially soothes the bitterness and pain of the whip, according to a report in

The book gives readers a look at the relationship between humans and their four-legged friends and how animals should be treated more humanely.

Chuyện Rừng Xanh (The Story of the Jungle) is a collection of stories about the animal world by British writer and journalist Rudyard Kipling, winner of the 1907 Nobel Prize for Literature.

The book promotes bravery and the noble qualities of the wolf boy Mowgli via his adventures.

Meanwhile, Cuộc Phiêu Lưu Của Chú Hành (Uncle Hanh’s Adventures) is about Hanh’s journey to find justice. He meets many good friends and does many good deeds on the way. In the end, he is able to overthrow King Chanh and his courtiers and regain a fair life for the working class.


Cuộc Phiêu Lưu Của Mũi Tên Xanh (The Adventures of Green Arrow) is the next book in the series, which talks about a toy train on a trip to underprivileged children.

Green Arrow is an electric train toy widely loved by children but is expensive. On the last evening of the year, Green Arrow carries all the toys in the shop to the poor children.

Gelsomino ở Xứ Sở Nói Dối (Gelsomino in the Land of Lies) revolves around Gelsomino, a character whose voice is so terrible that it breaks all windows, slows down the ceiling fan, and destroys a house. 

Gelsomino, by chance, comes to the land of lies to where dogs are called cats and cats bark. The character is determined to sing to bring the truth back to life.

Lastly, Giữa Trời Chiếc Bánh Gatô (A Cake in the Sky) is the story of a UFO that suddenly appears in the sky over the city of Trullo.

While the police immediately step in to investigate the unidentified flying object by using planes, tanks and troops to approach it, children of Trullo directly go to the UFO to take a look themselves.

The flying object is merely a chocolate cake made by scientist X who accidentally invented it while trying to collect atomic mushrooms in the universe. 

Source: Vietnam News

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