Private drama troupe,Phu Nhuan Drama Stage
Young actors of the Phu Nhuan Drama Stage. Photo courtesy of the theatre

“The closing is not temporary but forever,” said the theatre’s owner and People’s Artist Hong Van in a recent interview with local media.

“I opened my first theatre, Phu Nhuan Drama Stage, in 2000. I spent my own money, several billions of dong, running the theatre. I lost,” she said. 

The theatre offered just 15 shows in January before the spread of the virus began in early February in Hai Duong Province. 

Van closed her theatre for the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday from February 12. She could not pay salaries on time for her staff of 30.  

“My leasing land agreement signed with the managing board of Phu Nhuan Cultural House will end in April. I don't have enough money to extend the contract,” said Van, adding that she and her partners, the theatre’s investors, are facing serious financial problems. 

If Van closes the Phu Nhuan Drama Stage, she owns only one theatre, Hong Van Cho Lon Drama Stage in Thuan Kieu Street in District 5. She used to have four theatres. 

Van opened Hong Van Cho Lon Drama Stage in December last year and also works as the theatre’s art director. She spent a huge amount of money on renting the location and hiring staff. She did not disclose the amount of money.  

The theatre has attracted 15 young actors who are graduates of leading art schools in the city, such as the HCM City University of Theatre & Cinematography and HCM City University of Culture. 


The theatre has offered three new plays, including Ngẫm Kiều (Song of Kiều), a musical drama on love and women. 

The musical is based on the 18th-century Vietnamese epic poem Truyện Kiều (The Tale of Kiều), which is recognised as one of the country’s top literary works. 

Ngẫm Kiều was first staged in late December and several times in January. Audiences were provided with free facial masks and temperature checks before entering. The tickets sold out for the next two months. However, the curtain had to close due to the latest outbreak of the virus in the city. 

Private drama troupe,Phu Nhuan Drama Stage
People’s Artist, theatre actress and director Hong Van. — Photo courtesy of the theatre

Van began her career as a theatre actress at the HCM City 5B Small Theatre after graduating from the HCM City College of Theatre & Cinematography (now HCM City University of Theatre & Cinematography). 

Her troupes, Phu Nhuan Drama Troupe, Superbowl Drama Troupe and Hong Van Drama Troupe, are all leading private theatres in the region. Her troupes have offered training courses in performance skills targeting young talents over the last eight years.

“Actors of Phu Nhuan Drama Stage served and expanded Vietnamese drama to audiences for the last 21 years. We now have to say goodbye,” said the 55-year-old, who has more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

“We hope audiences will support us by visiting Hong Van Cho Lon Drama Stage,” she said.  VNS

Phu Nhuan Drama Troupe restages its hit on love after social distancing

Phu Nhuan Drama Troupe restages its hit on love after social distancing

Young artists at the Phu Nhuan Drama Troupe restaged one of its popular plays over the weekend.

Private theatres offer training to meet industry needs

Private theatres offer training to meet industry needs

Private theatres and drama troupes have been offering training courses in performance skills as the number of talented actors has declined in recent years.