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The asking price for the broadcasting rights has been revealed to be US$400,000, equivalent to over VND9.4 billion, US$80,000 higher than that of the previous tie between Thailand and Vietnam.

Currently, all of the Vietnamese national team’s home games during the World Cup 2022 qualification campaign are to be broadcasted by the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and VTC Digital Television, under the VOV.


Lovers of the beautiful games will have the opportunity to view the national team’s fixtures on VTC1, VTC2, VTC3, VTC9, VOVTV, also known as VietnamJourney, in addition to VOV1, VOV2, VOV3, VOV.VN, VTC.VN, VOVMedia, and VTCNOW.

In addition to the match against Indonesia, no Vietnamese media outlet has yet to purchase the rights to broadcast the qualifying round of the AFC U23 Championship 2020 due to the high price.

The price to buy the broadcasting rights for the tournament currently stands at tens of billions of VND. VOV