Pop star My Tam
Pop star My Tam, known as the 'Queen of Pop' in Vietnam, will organise a special live concert called 'Tri Âm' (Soulmate) in HCM City to mark her 20-year career. She will sing before an expected audience of 10,000 at the 7th Military Zone Gymnasium in the city. Photo courtesy of the producer

Tam, known as the 'Queen of Pop' in Vietnam, will sing before an expected audience of 10,000 at the 7th Military Zone Gymnasium in Phu Nhuan District, HCM City.

She will sing pop and dance songs that made her famous for two decades.

The event’s highlighted songs will include Hai Mươi (Twenty) and Em Của Tôi (You’re Mine), released in 2001, which made her a hit phenomenon in the entertainment industry. 

Tam will sing Đâu Chỉ Riêng Em (Not Only Me), Đừng Hỏi Em (Don’t Ask Me) and Người Hãy Quên Em Đi (Forget Me), released in 2017, all of which became top hits on local music forums and websites. 

The songs are on the singer’s latest album, Tâm 9, ranked 10th on the Billboard’s World Albums chart the third week in January, according to sales data compiled by Nielsen Music. 

The CD, produced by MT Entertainment, which is owned by Tam, has sold more than 20,000 copies. 

The MV featuring the song Đâu Chỉ Riêng Em reached over one million views and became one of the highest trending clips on YouTube one day after its official release on July 17. It has attracted more than 98.8 million viewers. 

Tam, a native of Da Nang Province, studied at the HCM City Music Conservatory. She worked as a professional singer when she was at school. 

In 1999, she signed an exclusive contract with Vafaco, the city’s leading music producer. Her first single album, Nhé Anh (You), became a recording phenomenon in the local market. 


Her top hit, Mãi Yêu (Love Forever), helped the singer bring home the Bronze Medal at Asian Golden Singers Festival in Shanghai in 2001. 

She was the first Vietnamese singer to sign a contract with the Korean entertainment company, Nurimaru Pictures.   

She was selected to the list "Global Pop Sensations You’ve Never Heard Of" by ABC News in the US in 2010.  

In 2012, she received the Best Asian Artist prize at Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong from the Korean-based Mnet Television. One year later, she won the Best Southeast Asia Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.  

Tam, sings in Vietnamese and English, also works as songwriter and music producer. She has released nine albums. 

Her charity fund, My Tam Foundation, was launched in 2008 and has supported many poor children and students. 

Tam’s concert Tri Âm will open at 8pm on April 25 at the 7th Military Zone Gymnasyum in HCM City.

It will take place one night at the My Dinh Stadium on May 1 in Hanoi. Online tickets will be available on sale starting on March 31 on the VinID app. 


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