Thầy Park trở lại tuyển Việt Nam: Chiêu hiền đánh 'quả lớn'

Although the remaining matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers have not yet taken place, the sideline information about the preparation of the opponents may worry the Korean football expert.

The first rival of the Vietnamese team will be Malaysia. Their game is scheduled on June 11. Malaysia has recently employed Brazilian-origin striker De Paula. This is the 8th foreign football player nationalized in Malaysia. Meanwhile, members of the Vietnamese team are familiar faces who have been used by coach Park for the last 2-3 football seasons.

However, the V-League 2021 will return this month and coach Park will have opportunities to find out new talents.

According to Mr. Park, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may be the host of the remaining matches of Group G of the second-round World Cup 2022 qualifiers in Asia.

During their first meeting this year, coach Park Hang Seo, his assistants and officials of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) discussed the key tasks of Vietnamese football in 2021. This year, Vietnam aims to win the card of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, and defend the AFF Cup championship, while the U23 team is set to enter the U23 Asian Championships 2022 and the U22 team to defend its championship at the 31st Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.


Among these missions, coach Park Hang Seo is particularly interested in the 2022 World Cup qualifying. According to schedule, the Vietnamese team will face Indonesia on June 7, then Malaysia on June 11 and finally the UAE on June 15.

Coach Park Hang Seo said: "I am ready to start preparation for it. First is to find out and update information about the Indonesian, Malaysian, and the UAE teams and then information on weather conditions in the UAE, the country that is likely to host the remaining matches of Group G."

Park asked the VFF to choose a training venue with weather conditions similar to the UAE’s.

Currently, only the UAE and Thailand are racing to host the remaining games of Group G and the UAE is rated higher in terms of organizational conditions.

On March 13, the V-League 2021 will resume after a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Coach Park Hang Seo said he and his assistants had planned to follow these matches to recruit players for the national team, which can be summoned after the 10th round of V-League ends (April 18).


Coach Park Hang Seo: Vietnam needs 6 points to move forward

Coach Park Hang Seo: Vietnam needs 6 points to move forward

Coach Park Hang Seo has set a goal for the Vietnam national football squad: to win at least six points in the remaining three matches of Group G, the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia.