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Music video Hãy Yên Lòng, Sài Gòn Ơi! (Don’t Worry, My Dear Sai Gon) features 30 Vietnamese singers and artists from different generations. Still photo taken from MV

The song has a nostalgic melody with lyrics reflecting people’s belief that they will soon win the fight against COVID-19. It also shows people’s trust in the Government’s response to the pandemic with the motto of “Leaving No One Behind”.

The "First Mrs World" Doan Thi Kim Hong, the song’s composer, who lives in the US, said: “I spent less than a month to write the song to extend my love to my beloved hometown from Chicago.”

Hong, who was a music teacher for more than 20 years, performed the song with singers and artists including Nguyen Duyen Quynh, winner of TV music show Người Kể Chuyện Tình (Singing about Love), Nam Cuong, and MC Hong Phuc.

Teenage singers such as Bao Ngu, Bao Ngoc and Candy also joined the song.

Due to social distancing, the music video was made at home. All artists had to record and film their parts by themselves, and then send to the producer for editing.

The MV has attracted nearly 10,000 views on YouTube. YouTube user Hong Phuc said the song was meaningful and motivates people to fight against the pandemic together.

covid-19 news,vietnamese singers
The “First Mrs World” Doan Thi Kim Hong composes Hãy Yên Lòng, Sài Gòn Ơi! to express her love and support to HCM City. Photo courtesy of the producer

In August, Hong also released a song titled Việt Nam Ơi, Ta Sẽ Thắng (Dear Vietnam, We Shall Win) performed by singer and actor Quoc Quoc.

She said: “I hope the songs convey the message of solidarity to people in Vietnam, and send our appreciation and gratitude to frontline forces.”

"I believe in a great victory for HCM City and Vietnam.”

Hong, who won Mrs Congeniality at the Mrs World 2005 pageant in India, was a member of the Mrs World judging panel in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

In 2013, she was awarded the title "First Mrs World" for her contributions to promoting the Mrs World Organisation in Vietnam and throughout the world.

Source: Vietnam News 

Music heals people's spirits during pandemic

Music heals people's spirits during pandemic

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