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A poster by artist Trinh Thai in 1968. — VNS Photo Nguyen Binh

The book, entitled Khát Vọng Hòa Bình (Our Nation's Quest For Peace), includes 81 posters from the museum's collection introduces readers to a range of different graphic artists applying their skills to one particular theme. 

"These selected posters brought together in this book are striking illustrations of all these stages in our nation's development of the graphic artforms," said Nguyen Hai Yen, art critic, on Tuesday. 

"Through the book, messages of inspiration and patriotic spirit have been communicated to our people with skill, energy and originality. 

"It is thus a book that will bring vividly to life the glories of our national history, and the deep and enduring quest for peace that has always been central to our traditions and cultural values."

The museum has amassed a rich collection of posters produced in a wide variety of styles dating from the early 20th century to more recent times. 

They reflect a host of concerns and official campaign themes and provide intriguing insights into the life and concerns of Vietnamese people as they faced the many challenges of war and peace in the modern age. 

The posters have eye-catching use of colour and composition and blend arresting images with the forcefulness of official slogan language. 

All are works evoking ideals of patriotism, unyielding resistance to the invaders, heroic spirit in battle, and the selfless dedication of workers and producers in farmlands and industrial workplaces. 

The book is arranged chronologically, beginning with works created during the resistance war against the US then moving forward in time to period of đổi mới (renewal). 


The posters such as Thừa Thắng Xông Lên (We Go Forward To Defeat The Enemy Invaders) by Huynh Van Gam; Xẻ Dọc Trường Sơn Đi Cứu Nước (Building the Trường Sơn For the Salvation of Our Homeland) by Xuan Hong or Lên Đường Lập Tiếp Chiến Công (Advancing To The Next Great Victory) by Nguyen Tien Canh and others were created in various circumstances and express the resolve to win. 

The posters made after 1975 depict the national cause of building socialism.

These works reflected the country's great historical events such as the decision to name the country the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and to select Hanoi as the country's capital at the First Session of the Sixth National Assembly or the Six National Party Congress which adopted the reform policy known as đổi mới (renewal). 

These inspired the artists to create meaningful works such as Chung Một Ngọn Cờ (Sharing A Single Flag) by Huynh Phuong Dong; Mùa Xuân Vĩnh Viễn (Eternal Spring) by Le Duc Lai and Việt Nam Hòa Bình Thống Nhất (A Peaceful and United Vietnam) by Thuc Phi. 

Some 30 posters have been on display at a newly-opened exhibition at the museum since Tuesday. 

"We want to highlight the important role of posters, which are a special graphic art," said the museum's director Nguyen Anh Minh at the opening ceremony. 

"We hope the public will look at a panorama of Vietnam's fine arts."

The book and the exhibition aim to celebrate the 54th anniversary of Vietnam Fine Arts Museum on June 24.   

Russian expert: Posters a weapon in Vietnam’s COVID-19 fight

Chairman of the Expert Council of the Eurasian Ideas Foundation (EIF) Grigory Trofimchuk has said that communications via posters and placards were key weapons in Vietnam’s successful fight against COVID-19 as well as its pathway to building socialism.

In an article published recently in the Rusvena (Russian Spring) newspaper, Trofimchuk said that during his trip to Vietnam last year he saw how communications campaigns using posters and placards touched the hearts of the public because they are designed like reminders rather than orders.

He added that placards relate to daily life, like exercising every afternoon following President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching of “I exercise everyday”.

The Russian expert also attributed the recent achievements of Vietnamese sports teams to these energetic thoughts.

The Vietnamese people are satisfied with the Government’s COVID-19 countermeasures, he said, which earned it success that has been admired and welcomed by the international community./. VNS/VNA

Posters encouraging citizens to help fight virus released

Posters encouraging citizens to help fight virus released

Public places in 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam will be decorated with posters to promote the awareness of measures everyone can take to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poster contest honouring the August Revolution calls for entries

Poster contest honouring the August Revolution calls for entries

A poster contest to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution (August 19, 1945 - August 19, 2020) and National Day (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2020) is now open for entries