Kim Bong Village in Cam Kim Commune is now home to 29 carpentry workshops with nearly 100 workers.

Over recent years, carpentry activities in the village have been declined. In 2015, the village’s carpentry revenues were estimated at VND7.5 billion (USD326,086). The figure dropped to just around VND5 billion in 2018.


   Kim Bong Carpentry Village

This has also affected the village’s tourism development. In 2018, Kim Bong welcomed just 41,000 tourists in 2018 compared to 111,000 in 2015.

Nguyen Van Son, vice chairman of Hoi An City People’s Committee said the project will focus on diversifying Kim Bong’s carpentry products in the 2019-2025 period to attract more travellers.

Next year, the city will build some facilities in the village such as exhibition areas, small parks and food and drink stalls. Local rivers will also be also dredged.

Under the project, other handicraft villages in Cam Kim Commune will be invited to Kim Bong for displaying their products. A wooden house will be built to recall the traditions of the village.

After that, Hoi An authorities will help to connect travel firms to bring visitors to Kim Bong and call residents to prioritise local products, instead of selling products from other localities. Dtinews

Cong Binh

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Artisans preserve handicraft villages

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