novelist of three published books who was born in Hanoi in 1995 to a Vietnamese mother and French father. 

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Marc Lavoine and his partner. — Photo

The ceremony at the notary's office was followed by a private party of only 20, according to an insider, who was one of the invitees.

Marc Lavoine, 57, wrote the song Hello Vietnam, and it became an instant success, which has been sung by Vietnamese overseas singers as well as singers who live in Vietnam. Loved by millions of Vietnamese worldwide, the song has bridged the gap for those young people, whose parents were Vietnamese and had no connection with their parents' home country. 

Line Papin, 24, published her first novel, L'eveil, (Awakening) when she was 20. The book has been translated into Vietnamese and published by Trẻ Publishers. Born and raised in Hanoi until she was 10, she moved with her family to live in France. Her adaptation to her new life was quite rough, which sent her through five different schools. 


L'eveil was about the lives of four young people who met in Hanoi and each got awakened in their own way due to their life in a foreign city. Two of her other books Toni (2018) was about siblings bonds in the nights of Berlin, and Les Os des filles (2019) was an autobiography about sisters during the War in Vietnam: three generations of women through war, exile and illness.  

Her parents helped launch her writing career quite early, when at 16, she presented her works to professional writers and received solid consultation. Her father, Philippe Papin, is a noted French writer and researcher on Vietnamese history.

Paparazzi were present outside of their Paris apartment and the notary office. No one could take a photo during the wedding as the rights were sold to a French magazine, according to the source.  VNS

Vietnamese writers abroad breathe new life into homeland literature

Vietnamese writers abroad breathe new life into homeland literature

The novel consists of 11 short stories from the perspectives of different people on the life of a Vietnamese immigrant family, highlighting conflicts between parents and children and the clash of Vietnamese and American culture.  

Writing to show love for Hanoi

Writing to show love for Hanoi

A romantic story featuring life of a French man in Hanoi written in Vietnamese will be published by Nhã Nam Culture & Communications JSC next week.