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Five HCM City musicians perform in MV Ngộ (Be Together) released on YouTube on May 16. Photo courtesy of the producer

The show, Phòng Trà Online (Online Music Lounge), will introduce the music and career of famous Vietnamese composers and musicians. It will also feature live performances of the musicians’ all-time favourite songs and talk shows.

The show will be broadcast live monthly at https://topliveshow.com/.

Director Van Trinh, who initiated the project, told local media: “The project meets the audiences’ need for quality music shows. I believe my show will attract audiences across the country and abroad.”

The first show themed Đêm Nhạc Sĩ (Night of Musicians) will be broadcast live at 7:45pm on May 22.

It will feature musicians Tuan Thang, Minh Nhien, Quoc An, Hoai An and Vo Hoai Phuc who rose to fame in the late 1990s and 2000s.

They will perform their own songs, such as Cây Đàn Sinh Viên (Student’s Guitar), Tình Thơ (Innocent Love), Cô Đơn Mình Anh (I Am Lonely), and Tình Yêu Không Có Lỗi (Do not Blame It on Love).

Singers Dam Vinh Hung, Maya and Do Quyen will join the performances. The musicians will also share stories behind their songs with the audience at the show.


Musician Tuan Thang, a member of the Saigon Boys band which was well-known in the late 1990s, said each generation develops its own music taste.

“We don’t expect the youth of today like our music, but I still believe that thousands of people love to listen to our songs. These songs will take them back to their youth,” he said.

Thang said the five musicians performed together in a music video titled Ngộ (Be Together), released on YouTube on May 16.

The song Ngộ composed by Quoc An pays tribute to health workers, soldiers and volunteers in Vietnam's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ngộ has a gentle melody and motivational lyrics to spread optimism and faith in life and looks forward to a bright future.

The MV has attracted more than 13,000 views. Thang said the MV is the beginning of more community music projects that will be launched by him and four of his colleagues. VNS

Singers experiment with livestreaming shows

Singers experiment with livestreaming shows

Live-streaming performances are an alternative in times when the physical stage cannot open.

Online show to raise funds to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Online show to raise funds to fight COVID-19 pandemic

An online show titled Stay Strong Vietnam with the participation of famous Vietnamese singers and artists will be aired at 8pm on Saturday (April 25) on Youtube channel RSVP Vietnam.