V-League 2021

On July 19, VPF sent a dispatch to football clubs, proposing that V-League 2021 should resume early next year, slated for February 2022, with the form unchanged.

Most football clubs replied to the VPF’s dispatch by July 23. It is estimated that two-thirds of them oppose the VPF plan, strongly proposing that V-League 2021 needs to end after the 12th round because of financial problems caused by the pandemic.

Except for Than Quang Ninh and Topenland Binh Dinh, which want to continue the tournament, and Hanoi FC and Viettel which have not replied, the remaining football clubs don't want to delay the tournament.

VPF wants to see V-League 2021 ended after 20 matches because it wants to ensure the commercial rights for a sponsor, and the Vietnamese national squad would have time to play at the World Cup 2022 Qualifiers and AFF Cub 2021.

VPF has not confirmed the exact number of football clubs saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the plan on delaying the tournament until early 2022. .

VPF only suggests solutions, while it is football clubs that can determine whether a tournament will continue or finish.


If the majority of football clubs don’t agree to VPF’s suggested plan, everyone now can sigh with relief, though some problems related to commercial rights with sponsors will still need to be solved.

The solving of these problems is not impossible, especially if football clubs agree to stop the 2021 season now, rather than waiting and feeling anxious about the pandemic.

For LS, the sponsor, stopping the V-League is due to force majeure. The partner which has been a fellow traveler with V-League for many years, understands the problems of the tournament and agree to share difficulties.

As for football clubs, an early stop would affect their prestige in the eyes of sponsors. But once they make such a decision, they will have to have solutions of their own.

The biggest question now is whether to recognize the achievements of football clubs so far this season after 12 rounds.

In short, the role of VPF is organizing football tournaments on behalf of VFF, and the game always belongs to clubs. Therefore, once the main characters do not want to extend the 2021 season to 2022, VPF needs to finalize the tournament soon. 

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How will V-League 2021 end?

How will V-League 2021 end?

VPF (Vietnam Professional Football) and V-League 2021 have been placed in a dilemma. It’s unclear how V-League 2021 will end, or if it will be delayed until early 2022.