The 3-ha course is located in Dam Tranh, Long Bien District. This is also the first off-road course for motorbike riders in Hanoi, attracting both local and foreign riders.

Vu Nguyen Phong Hoa, the course's manager, said, "Our purpose is to create a professional track for the riders and limit the risks and accidents. Before building the course, we did lots of research."

Aleksandra Arefeva from Russia said she only started practising off-road biking a few months ago. Since she works at an office, she doesn't have much time to practice and on the weekends, she wasted lots of time to find a suitable place to practice.

Artem Nikiforov also from Russia said he used to have to travel 180 km from Hanoi to practice. It is also a good course for both skilled and unskilled riders.

Off-road motorbikes often have bigger wheels designed to run on rough surfaces. Off-roading is a popular sport and appeared in Vietnam 10 years ago.

Some photos of the course: