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Father and daughter artists Nguyen Duc Sang and Nguyen Thuy Duong are displaying their oil-lacquer paintings together for the first time in Hanoi.— Photo moitruongvadothi.vn

The exhibition, Cha Và Con (Father and Daughter), features 22 paintings by Sang and 10 paintings by his daughter.

Sang has more than 30 years experience, and at the age of 65, he has decided to display his paintings for the first time.

"Through this exhibition, I want people to know that my daughter has matured in her career," said Sang. "She is an adult and now I am sure about her profession."

Thanks to his life experience, Sang has a view full of philosophy which is expressed through warm colours.

Most his paintings were done last year except Về Làng (Return to Village).

He drew the painting in 2009 calling for youths to return to their homeland to live and work.

In his homeland in the northern province of Hung Yen, there are not many young people because they've all left for the cities.

The painting features a buffalo and a tree. People return to their village but they look shabby, with a tree bare of leaves.

"A lot of people go to the cities but success comes to only one or two of them," he said. "The red tree represents blood vessels, but without any leaves the tree is stunted because nobody is taking care it."


Another painting entitled Vòng Xoáy (The Whirl of Life) represent his thoughts about modern life.

The painting depicts people absorbed in the whirl of life and ignoring ethics. He conveys the message that people should do good things.

Since graduating from the Vietnam Industrial Fine Art University, he has worked as painter and fine art teacher.

He is prolific artist whose works quickly sell out.

"My father wanted to display his paintings with me long time ago," said Duong. "But I've been too busy to paint new works until now."

Duong's 10 paintings were created in 2011. With a theme Nhìn (See), the paintings are impressionist and abstract art.

Duong currently works as designer at Nhi Đồng (Children) newspaper.

The exhibition Cha Và Con will run until March 1 at Exhibition House, 16 Ngo Quyen Street. — VNS

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