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Supermodel Jessica Minh Anh signed an MoU with Vu Nam, vice chairman of Market Department of the VNAT.

Yesterday she signed an MoU with the Vietnam Administration of Tourism (VNAT) to co-operate in the series Jessica Minh Anh: Coming Home, in which she will travel throughout the country, rediscovering her homeland from a new perspective after a year of travel around the world. Jessica will help viewers discover the beauty of Vietnam, where some of the most famous global world heritage sites meet exceptional hospitality.

Jessica is also an entrepreneur - whose history-making catwalks at iconic monuments and renewable energy sites gained her international credibility.

Jessica Minh Anh: Coming Home is a part of a programme produced by her own company JMA Global Jessica Minh Anh: Global Passport.

Compelling storytelling will marry aspects of modern and traditional folk art, culture, food, architecture and fashion with sustainability. She will discover some of the most exotic locations in the world in search of adventure, artistic inspiration, eco-friendly practices, and cultural experiences.

The season shot in Vietnam focuses on vitalising the tourism industry, to stimulate this hard-hit sector post-COVID. Already an ambassador for Vietnam in the global fashion arena, her upcoming travel will focus on promoting domestic travel and tourism across the world, starting with her home country.

“I have never been more proud to be Vietnamese,” she said.


“Vietnam has weathered the current crisis more effectively than many much larger economies, avoiding all casualties and keeping infection figures contained in the low triple figures. While this is an incredible result, closing borders to protect the country has come at a heavy cost to some vital national industries, such as tourism. My goal is to promote a safe country for domestic travel and tourism.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the hospitality and tourism industry post-COVID, Jessica collaborated with UNESCO, working with general managers of top properties and travel professionals, to finalise the route map of the upcoming series.

vietnam tourism
Jessica Minh Anh arrived at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel yesterday. Photo courtesy of JMA Global

Ha Van Sieu, vice chairman of the VNAT, said the co-operation between the VNAT and JMA Global Company with Jessicca Minh Anh as a representative, will help boost tourism in a sustainable and professional way.

“JMA Global has many programmes broadcast on international channels giving a chance to promote images of Vietnam,” he said.

As many as 12 episodes will be produced from September to December tracking Jessica Minh Anh’s experiences at famous destinations in the country. She will also feature local culture and tourism development sticking to protecting the environment. VNS

New photo contest launched to promote Vietnamese tourism

New photo contest launched to promote Vietnamese tourism

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Hanoi’s tourism promotion activities to be held

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