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LIFE WEAR: Local fashion brands send out a more practical message to lure online shoppers. Photo courtesy of Ivy Moda

Closed international borders have pushed local fashion houses, designers and shops to find creative ways to reach out to customers. 

Áo dài designer Lien Huong, who is behind the brand with the longest tradition of making the signature Vietnamese lady's tunic, has switched to making decorated face masks. The schools are back and public school teachers traditionally wear an áo dài to school on special days. Lien Huong House is leading the trend by selling matching face masks.

All designers have been forced to get creative to lift themselves out of the situation. 

"Our staff have been working hard on embroidering each and every áo dài since Tet," Mai Lan, co-founder of Tú Thị Embroidered Company Ltd. told Việt Nam News. "They work on their own, not in big groups, so they respect quarantine time, yet never have to stop working."


Upscale designer Le Thanh Hoa has switched from making evening gowns to ready-to-wear garments. 

More practical garments for office and streetwear have taken over this summer and fall-winter seasons. Hoa said he had spoken to regular customers about their demands, and was working every day to maintain his creative inspiration. He said it was important to maintain close contact with customers even though they did not have any desire to purchase new clothes at this time.

Designer Chung Thanh Phong led the trend to launch the COVID-19-inspired collection "Save yourself": protective gear, face masks and hand sanitiser. The average price tag has also been fixed to fit middle-income customers. T-shirts range from VND600,000 to VND800,000, while jumpsuits are VND1,8 million apiece. The collection aims to reach out to more online shoppers so his staff are not laid off. He has even put his collections online, presenting each new piece with a price tag, something he has never done before.  VNS

Vietnamese designer debuts first COVID-19 fashion collection

Vietnamese designer debuts first COVID-19 fashion collection

Designer Chung Thanh Phong has introduced a fresh collection with the theme of “Save Yourself”, sending a message that it is the responsibility of each individual to know how to best protect their own health in the fight against coronavirus.

Designer Dac Ngoc to represent Vietnam at Luxury Brand Global Fashion Week

Designer Dac Ngoc to represent Vietnam at Luxury Brand Global Fashion Week

Dac Ngoc is poised to become the first local designer to participate in the Luxury Brand Global Fashion Week 2020 which is scheduled to get underway in the Republic of Korea on May 23.