Fashion designer Si Hoang,vietnamese ao dai
Actors perform in costumes by fashion designer Si Hoang of HCM City. Hoang is working with actors of the Hoang Yen Drama Club to produce Khóc Giữa Trời Xanh (Crying under the Blue Sky), a new play on Vietnamese history, in an aim to lure audiences back to the theatre. — Photo courtesy of the producer

Hoang is working as a stage costume designer for Khóc Giữa Trời Xanh (Crying under the Blue Sky), a tragic work featuring the life of Le Van Thinh, a famous official of the royal court of the Ly Dynasty in 1084. 

He was also invited to play the lead role Thinh after casting. He has worked with skilled actors of the Hoang Yen Drama Club to perfect his performance. 

Khóc Giữa Trời Xanh is directed by Nguyen Phung. The play depicts the themes of patriotism and honesty. 

“Khóc Giữa Trời Xanh features historical events. The play should be staged in a realistic style,” said fashion designer Hoang, in an interview with Thanh Niên (Young People) newspaper last week. 

“Director Phung asked actors to read documents and books about the history of Ly Dynasty, its culture and people. This helped to breathe life into the play.

“I hope our performance will leave a new impression on audiences,” he said.   

Fashion designer Si Hoang,vietnamese ao dai
Fashion designer Si Hoang (second from right) has many years in stage costumes design. — Photo courtesy of the producer

Hoang has been working as a stage costume designer for many years with a large number of his products used in large-scale plays, including two produced by the Vietnam Cheo Theatre and the Hanoi Drama Theatre, to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.


He has tried his hand at acting, and achieved his first success winning a silver prize for his role in Yêu là thoát tội at the National Drama Festival 2018 in Hanoi. 

Hoang has worked with experts such as Professor Duong Trung Quoc in Hanoi and Professor Nguyen Khac Thuan in HCM City for his latest drama. “This helps me understand the national and local tradition from the period in which the drama is set,” said Hoang. 

Graduating from HCM City Fine Arts College, Hoang has worked hard to make his dream come true. He designed his first ao dai in 1989 when the country’s first beauty contest Miss Áo Dài was held in HCM City.   

He painted flowers on ao dai which were worn by the competition’s winners. His designs impressed judges and audiences. The trend of painting on ao dai was born. 

In 2002, he opened Điểm Một Thời, a tea shop offering fashion shows and Vietnamese tea served in traditional style. The luxury shop quickly became an essential part of life in HCM City for many residents. 

Điểm Một Thời served Queen Sylvia of Sweden and her husband King Carl Gustaf XVI during their tour to Vietnam in 2004. They revealed their musical side when they played the parts of "cup clickers" during a performance of traditional Vietnamese music at the shop. They also watched beautiful girls in ao dai at a fashion show.

“In Khóc Giữa Trời Xanh, we will offer Vietnamese drama in the style of the South,” said Hoang. 

The play Khóc Giữa Trời Xanh will make its debut on May 12 at the city’s Opera House at 7 Lam Son Square in District 1.  VNS

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