Hanoi’s Liberation Day
School students pass by an emblem decoration that has been set up by Hoan Kiem Lake to celebrate the 1010th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi. A series of cultural activities have been held during this occasion. — VNS Photo Truong Vi

The performance is part of a series of cultural activities to celebrate the 1,010th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi will take place at the Ly Thai To Park by the Hoan Kiem Lake, in front of the statue of the city’s founder. The event will be aired live on Hanoi TV’s channel H1.     

The series also includes events marking the 60th anniversary of the friendship relations of Hanoi - Hue - HCM City.

An exhibition entitled 'Hà Nội - Huế - Sài Gòn, History and Development' with more than 300 photos and documents showing the history, socio-economical achievements and friendship of the three cities will be open to the public until October 15 at the Temple of Literature.

Alongside the exhibition, talks and an art and music performance at the Hanoi Opera House, also have been held, attracting hundreds of audience to attend.

The 1010th celebration also includes a photo exhibition on the theme 'Thăng Long - Hà Nội - Converging and Spreading the Quintessence of National Culture'. Featuring images of the city through different phases of its development, the exhibition aims to arouse local people’s pride in the historical and cultural traditions of the city.

Talking about the exhibition, Deputy Chairwoman of the Hanoi’s People Committee, Phung Thi Hong Ha said: “The exhibition helps everyone to have a deeper look about Hanoi – a friendly and dynamic city. The photos present vividly and truthfully different moments of life in Hanoi and its people.”


According to her, the 70 photos presented at the exhibition were selected from hundreds sent to the organisers.  

Also in celebration of the city, books including Văn Hiến Thăng Long – Bằng Chứng Khảo Cổ Học (Thăng Long Civilisation – Archaeological Evidences), Quận, Huyện Xưa Và Nay (Districts – Now and Then) and Định Đô Thăng Long – Tầm Nhìn Thiên Niên Kỷ (Thăng Long’s Relocation – A Millennium Vision), have been published to offer scholars and researchers a deeper look into the city’s history.

A seminar on Ngo Quyen (897-944) – the first king of the Ngo Dynasty in Vietnamese history, will also be held. Ngo Quyen, also a legendary general, in 938, led Vietnamese troops to defeat invaders from China during a historical battle on Bach Dang River. The victory opened a long period of Vietnamese independence.

A calligraphy exhibition with more than 100 works inspired by famous literature works about Thang Long —Hanoi, is also taking place at the Literature Temple until October 10.

Other activities such as Hanoi Singing Contest 2020, Hanoi Stage Performance Festival 2020 and Lion Dance Festival are also set to amaze.  VNS 

Photos show memories of Hanoi Liberation Day in 1954

Photos show memories of Hanoi Liberation Day in 1954

The morning of October 10, 1954, saw thousands of the capital’s residents flood the streets with flags and flowers to welcome home Vietnamese soldiers who took over the capital from French troops.

Memories on Hanoi Liberation Day in 1954

Memories on Hanoi Liberation Day in 1954

65 years have gone since Hanoi was liberated from the French. The capital city has changed in more ways than one. Let’s take a glance at the glorious victory through a series of photos below.