The fourth show of the DIFF 2019 was held under the theme ‘Colours’. The Pyrotex Fireworx team from England wowed the audience with their 20- minute show telling the romantic story of the River Thames in England making it all the more special with extra lighting effects and music.

At their first time participating in the DIFF, Hunan Jingtai Fireworks team from China staged a colourful show entitled ‘Kun - The Happy Excursion’


‘Kun - The Happy Excursion’ included eight chapters featuring eight themes of wind and cloud, dragon, phoenix, rain, jasmine, Huang He river, joy, and happiness.

The last night’s show concluded the qualification round of the DIFF 2019, which saw the competition of eight teams from Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Finland, England, China, Italy and Vietnam. Two teams who stand out from the qualification round will enter the final performance on July 6.

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An impressive performance of the Pyrotex Fireworx team from UK

Nhan Dan