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Tuong (classical drama) actress, scriptwriter, and director Bach Mai. (Photo courtesy of HCM City Theatre Association)

Actress Bach Mai, whose real name is Nguyen Ngoc Mai, was 74.  Meritorious Teacher and culinary artisan Choi was 76. She had worked as a chef and food writer since 1967.

Bach Mai played a role in the development of tuong or hat boi, a Vietnamese traditional theatre genre that originated in the 17th century, for 50 years. 

She was famous in the 1960s, starring in 60 plays in tuong and cai luong (reformed opera), a 100-year-old traditional genre of Vietnamese theatre in the South. 

She wrote and directed dozens of tuong plays, many of which won top prizes for best plays at national theatre contests and festivals. 

She worked with theatres and art schools in the region to offer training for artists, including cai luong stars Kim Tu Long and Ngoc Huyen. 

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Cover of The Food of Vietnam, a book of Vietnamese recipes by culinary artisan Trieu Thi Choi. It was released by Peripulus Editions in Singapore in 1986. (Photo courtesy of the publisher)

In 2017, she opened her theatre, Huynh Long Troupe, one of the region’s leading private traditional theatres, which features 30 actors, mostly graduates of leading art schools in the city and neighbouring provinces.

The troupe offers shows aimed at young people. It is managed by actress Binh Tinh, Mai’s daughter, who has nearly 20 years of experience in cai luong.

Mai’s last production was Mặt Trời Đêm Thế Kỷ (Sun after the Long Night), a historical play highlighting patriotism and loyalty, which debuted in July in 2020. 


She wrote and directed the play in a new style of tuong to meet the demands of young people. 

“My mom, Bach Mai, wanted our troupe to become a place for people to enjoy the art in a unique way," said Tinh. 

Meritorious Kim Tu Long, a student of Mai, said: "Actress Mai devoted her life to Vietnamese theatre. She worked to help young talents improve their vocal and performance skills in the hopes that they would develop a professional career.” 

In 1981, she was among the founders of the HCM City Women’s Club, now the HCM City Women’s Culture House.  

covid-19 news
Meritorious Teacher and culinary artisan Trieu Thi Choi. She died after days of COVID-19 treatment in hospitals in HCM City on Thursday. Photo

Culinary artisan Trieu Thi Choi wrote and released more than 100 books related to Vietnamese dishes and recipes, and restaurants. 

One of her popular books, The Food of Vietnam, was released by Peripulus Editions in Singapore in 1986. The book featured Vietnamese dishes and recipes, and was the first of its kind to be issued overseas. It has been reprinted many times.

Source: Vietnam News

New programme on cai luong, tuong launched

New programme on cai luong, tuong launched

A new drama programme about cai luong (reformed opera) and tuong (classical drama) has been launched by two private theatres in HCM City. 

New tuong shows feature young artists

New tuong shows feature young artists

Huynh Long Tuong (classical drama), a newly opened private art troupe in HCM City, will offer a series of new shows featuring young artists next week.