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Chiều Hè (Summer Afternoon), a lacquer painting by Bui Trong Du of Hai Phong City. Photo courtesy of the organiser

The exhibition Cây Đời Mãi Xanh (Evergreen Life) is curated by artist Ngo Tran Vu of HCM City, the founder of Gieo Gạo (Growing Rice) Fund.

It displays nearly 250 works, including wooden sculptures and oil, lacquer, and watercolour paintings. They feature surrealist, abstract, semi-abstract and impressionistic styles.

Themes of the works are the beauty of the country, women, lifestyle, culture, and portraits. Still-life paintings are also featured.

The highlights of the exhibition are works by famous painters like Le Trieu Dien, Bui Trong Du, Dang Dinh Ngo and Nguyen Tan Phat.

good people,Covid-19 news
Châu Thổ (Delta), an acrylic painting by veteran artist Le Trieu Dien. Photo courtesy of the organiser

Self-taught painter Le Trieu Dien, 78, brings to the exhibition an abstract painting called Châu Thổ (Delta) which he created this year.

Born in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta of province of Ben Tre, Dien moved to HCM City in 1986 to pursue an arts career.  

He is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and has won several top prizes at national fine art competitions.

He has had nearly 20 solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

His exhibitions in Paris and Singapore in 1991 and 1992 introduced aspects of southern Vietnam’s traditional culture and lifestyle.


Dien is also a founder of the Mekong Art Club, which connects artists in HCM City and the Mekong Delta region.

The showcase includes the lacquer painting Chiều Hè (Summer Afternoon) by Bui Trong Du of Hai Phong City, who has exhibited in the US and France.

good people,Covid-19 news
Tĩnh (Zen), a wooden sculpture with lacquer by Nguyen Tan Phat of Hanoi. Photo courtesy of the organise

Sculptor Nguyen Tan Phat of Hanoi introduces some of his wooden sculptures engraved with lacquer, such as Tĩnh (Zen), Lưu Giữ Bạc Màu (Keeping Time), and Chậm Bước (Slowing Down).

Around 50 - 100 per cent of the profits from the painting sales will go to the Gieo Gạo Fund to buy rice and food for the needy in HCM City.

As of August 9, the fund had raised nearly VND1,21 billion (US$52,770), and had donated 3,359 packages of rice and food worth VND500,000 ($22) each.

“Through the exhibition, we hope to give away more rice and food to poor families living in HCM City,” said Vu. "We want to spread kindness among the community, especially among artists and art lovers who want to help those in need."

The exhibition is raising funds until August 31.

All exhibited works can be viewed at

Source: Vietnam News

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