Covid-19 news
Thirty theatre artists of HCM City perform in the music video (MV) Sài Gòn, Ngày Vui Trở Lại (Sài Gòn, Happy Day Returns) on YouTube. It features the Vietnamese spirit in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo courtesy of the producer

The MV, called Sài Gòn, Ngày Vui Trở Lại (Sài Gòn, Happy Day Returns), feature songs about the challenges that doctors, nurses, health workers and soldiers face during the fight. 

The solidarity and bravery of HCM City people during the pandemic are featured. 

The MV also includes images of HCM City and its people in daily life. 

“Our MV contains our love and gratitude to the brave people who are working day and night to take care of and protect the community,” said Meritorious Artist Huu Quoc, producer and songwriter of the MV. 

"We have faced difficulties in offering live performances amid the pandemic. However, we want to share our art with fans on YouTube.”

Covid-19 news
Cai luong artists Dien Trung and Le Thanh Thao (right) perform in the MV Sài Gòn, Ngày Vui Trở Lại (Sài Gòn, Happy Day Returns), a production about HCM City people during the pandemic. Photo courtesy of the producer

Sài Gòn, Ngày Vui Trở Lại attracts theatre stars such as Meritorious Artist Phuong Hong Thuy, Kim Tu Long, Phuong Loan and Que Tran who have been involved in cai luong (reformed opera), the 100-year-old traditional music of the South. 


Vietnamese-American cai luong performers Ngoc Huyen and Thanh Hang are included. 

Young artists from the HCM City-based Tran Huu Trang Cai Luong Theatre are also highlighted. 

Producer Quoc invited the artists to perform his songs. They recorded and filmed their performance at home and sent their videos to Quoc. 

The MV has attracted more than 41,000 views. 

Many fans have written comments about the MV Sài Gòn, Ngày Vui Trở Lại. 

“The MV Sài Gòn, Ngày Vui Trở Lại connects people during the pandemic. It encourages people to hope for a happy future,” Ngo Thi Kim Cuc, a resident of Thu Duc City, wrote.

Source: Vietnam News

40 artists release MV on Covid-19 fight

40 artists release MV on Covid-19 fight

Forty singers and theatre artists perform in an MV released on YouTube that aims to encourage people in HCM City during the Covid-19 pandemic.