Long Bien Bridge

Construction of the bridge began in September 1898, designed by the French, with the railway running in between two lanes for pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles.

The structure of the bridge has rusted and degraded, not only causing an unsightly appearance, but also not ensuring the quality and safety of the trains passing over the bridge.

The repair and maintenance plan of the bridge is carried out annually by Ha Hai Railway Joint Stock Company.

The maintenance work is difficult, because the structure of this 120-year-old bridge has seriously deteriorated.

The workers of Ha Hai Railway Joint Stock Company are faced with many difficulties in the repair work due to the challenging locations and the lengthy time required.

The unsafe positions of the two rows of railings on the bridge are carefully reinforced, to ensure the longevity of the historic bridge.

40 workers of the construction unit were divided into four teams to clean, paint anti-rust, and then paint the second layer of two rows of railings on the bridge.


The anti-rust coating will help increase the lifespan of the historic bridge.

The new paintwork gives a "fresh look" to the historic bridge.

The stages are carried out quickly and effectively, the work is expected to be completed in just over a month.

Long Bien Bridge not only connects the two banks of the Red River, but is also the main passageway for residents living in the middle beach area.

The 120-year-old bridge has turned from a witness to the heroic years of Hanoians to an attractive "check-in" destination for young people.

Source: Nhan Dan

‘Rescuing’ Long Bien Bridge and building bridges that enrich the city

‘Rescuing’ Long Bien Bridge and building bridges that enrich the city

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