Like many people in Dien Bien, whenever Tet comes, Nguyen Quoc Vuoc buys a branch of wild peach blossom for house decoration. Having wild peach blossom during Tet holiday indicates the spring has come and a way of reminiscing of the traditional Tet holiday.


The price of the wild peach blossom trees can range from several hundred thousand VND to several million VND, especially with ancient wild peach blossom trees. In order to get these trees back to the city, merchants have to travel to distant and mountainous villages of ethnic community in Tua Chua, Muong Cha or even Lai Chau province to purchase.

For those who are familiar with tending wild peach blossom trees, it must have the following qualities: rough-looking tree and wilderness, young buds. It requires special techniques in order for the buds to bloom in time just for Lunar New Year.

The wilderness beauty of wild peach blossom is different from the delicate and fragile of ordinary peach blossom. These features attract more people as spring comes./.VNA