Thecompetition was participated by 254 contestants from 46 countries all over theworld. All eight Vietnamesestudents are from the Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.

The 2019 IOAAcomprises of four exams – Theoretical exam, Data analysis Exam, Teamcompetition and Observational exam in which questions concerning directobservation of the sky, in the real sky and in a planetarium.

The gold medalwent to Nguyen Manh Quan – a 11th grader – who was also honoured with anabsolute winner prize for his absolute scores.

The IOAA is an annual event for highly performed highschool students from all around the world. Established in Thailand 2006, it wasa joint initiative of five countries - Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, China andPoland, with the aim to popularise astronomy among high school students and tofoster friendship and cooperation among young astronomers at internationallevel.