The world cultural heritage site was ranked ninth on the list.

According to CNN, Hoi An “may have rocketed in popularity in recent years, but even increased visitor numbers can't detract from the undeniably quaint and romantic feel of this former trading port.”

The old town features ancient temples, houses and stores built around canals and pedestrian bridges that let visitors wander hand in hand, with hundreds of multicoloured lanterns swaying in coastal breezes, CNN said.

“Paper lanterns of another kind can also be lit and sent soaring skyward, along with a special message written with your valentine,” it added.

CNN recommends visitors enjoy famous foods including “banh mi” baguette sandwiches.


Hoi An was recognised as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 1999.

In 2019, Hoi An was named Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination and one of the 13 most picturesque towns in Asia. It was also among the top 15 cities in the world selected by the New York-based magazine Travel Leisure.

In the year, Hoi An welcomed 5.35 million vacationers, including 4 million foreigners.

Maldives topped CNN list of the most romantic destinations, followed by Quebec City (Canada), Tuscany (Italy), Hawaii, Charleston (South Carolina), Botswana, Paris (France), Istanbul (Turkey).

Bora Bora (French Polynesia), Venice (Italy), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Kyoto (Japan) were also included the list./.VNA

Cafe owner wanders Hoi An to hand out free masks

Cafe owner wanders Hoi An to hand out free masks

A 47-year-old cafe owner in Hoi An has spent days walking through the streets in the town to hand out free masks to everyone he has met.

Good relations of “emigrants” in Hoi An Ancient City

Good relations of “emigrants” in Hoi An Ancient City

Many foreigners “migrated” to Hoi An with the intention staying on vacation for a few months to half a year; however, during their stay, some have formed good connections that made them stay in the ancient city longer than expected.