Besides functioning to catch stormwater runoff, the basins also help to beautify the area’s scenery.

After concerted efforts by Hanoi authorities, the capital city’s lake and river environment system has improved significantly.

Covering an area of 13.2 ha with an investment capital of nearly 12.8 million USD, Nhan Chinh retention basin park is a highlight for one of the capital’s largest high-rise apartment densities.


However, in the half a year since it was put into operation, the lake has already faced serious pollution problems.

Unfortunately, this is a widespread problem across many of the capital city’s lakes.

According to the latest survey of the Centre for Environment and Community Research, from 2010 to 2015, only 17 ponds and lakes in Hanoi were completely leveled.

The total surface area of ponds and lakes in Hanoi in the past five years was reduced to over 72,000 sq.m.

Rapid but asynchronous urbanisation and unplanned leveling in the city’s lake system have caused more frequent flooding issues in the city.-VNA