USAID funds 2 million USD to improve Vietnam’s innovation workforce hinh anh 1

The freshly-launched Vietnam Workforce for an Innovation and Start-up Ecosystem (WISE) project funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) with an amount of around 2 million USD is expected to help improve Vietnam’s human resources working in this field.

According to Ann Marie Yastishock, Mission Director for USAID/Vietnam, the project showcases the US Government’s commitment to partnering with Vietnam along its economic transformation, and will help advance this strategy, which centres on mastering and integrating new advanced technologies, spurring innovation, and accelerating the growth of the digital economy.

USAID WISE will therefore support scalable, market-driven, and sustainable models in which to prepare the nation’s workers for Industry 4.0 via partnerships with the private sector. The project will build basic digital literacy, provide Industry 4.0 career pathways information to make smart talent investments, offer information and communication technologies, upskilling and reskilling for lifelong learning, and explore innovative financing mechanisms for relevant skills acquisition.


The project will also support Vietnam's efforts to emphasise Industry 4.0 skills development opportunities to all demographics by devoting a special focus on women and vulnerable groups in order to help narrow the country’s digital divide. This priority is consistent with the USAID Digital Strategy and will deliver a long-term impact in the nation through an information and communication technology sector that features leaders, coders, designers, and technicians that advance the use and development of Industry 4.0 as it takes root across the Vietnamese economy.

The two-year USAID-funded project is expected to support the nation’s strategy on the fourth industrial revolution to advance continued economic transformation./.

Source: VNA

Over US$14 million to help three Vietnamese universities reach world-class

Over US$14 million to help three Vietnamese universities reach world-class

The Higher Education Innovation Cooperation Project will be implemented in five years, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with a budget of 14.2 million USD for three major universities in Vietnam.