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Production of tra fish for export at Can Tho Import Export Seafood JSC (CASEAMEX).

This is theDOC’s preliminary conclusion after investigating tra fish exported by certainVietnamese companies for the period August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018, theMOIT said in a statement.

The DOCdetermined that Vietnamese mandatory respondent – NTSF Seafoods JSC – andseperate rate respondent – Can Tho Import Export Seafood JSC (CASEAMEX) – wereboth subject to rates of 0.00 USD per kg while a “Vietnam-wideentity” anti-dumping rate of 2.39 USD per kilogramme was applied to all other Vietnamese exporters.

Last year, underthe final result of the 14th periodof review (POR14), a finalrate of 3.87 USD per kilogramme was imposed on Hung Vuong Group while the rate was 1.37 USD per kilogramme for NTSF, CP Vietnam Corporation, Cuu Long Fish JSC, Green Farms Seafood JSC and Vinh Quang Fisheries Corporation.

The department would issue the final results of the POR15 within 120 daysof publication of its preliminary rates and this is likely to happen aroundFebruary next year, the MOIT said.


The MOIT advised local exporters to continue cooperating with the DOC andthe ministry to ensure positive final results.

Meanwhile, the ministry would continue to coordinate with other ministries,sectors, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers  and related export companies to takenecessary actions to protect the rights and interests of the domestic tra fish industry.

Vietnamese tra fish has been subject to the US’s antidumping duty since 2003.Last year, Vietnam exported 550 million USD worth of tra fish to the US, thecountry’s second largest market./.VNA

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Vietnamese catfish exporters struggle to compete with rivals

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VN catfish exports: sales goals unmet despite price cut

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