In the reviewed period, after-tax profit of the corporationincreased nearly 1.2 trillion VND, more than 50 percent in the same time lastyear.

The results signaled a bright prospect for SCIC operation inthe whole year. Furthermore, as of June 30, owner’s capital invested in thecorporation reached over 32.41 trillion VND, up 6.37 trillion VND compared tothat in the last day of last year.

SCIC’s total short-term and long-term assets hit over 56.9trillion VND, 6.82 trillion VND higher than the result at the end of last year.

The firm’s short-term investment alone was 31.61 trillion VNDas recorded on June 30, while income from other sources was 36.1 trillion VND.

As of June 30, the SCIC has owned, invested in and cooperatedwitheight companies. Total revenue of the corporation’s partner companies inthe first half of 2019 reached over 3.18 trillion VND, with net profit hittingmore than 1.55 trillion VND. Profit from the SCIC’s investment in the partnercompanies fetched about 462 billion VND, 420 billion VND higher than that inthe same time last year.

Also in the first half of 2019, the SCICpaid 1.68 trillion VND in tax.