Over the years, Novartis has always been a leader in the implementation of digital transformation and technology application in the health sector. This has been creating a premise in supporting and implementing digital activities such as building an electronic medical record system, deploying digital transformation in the fields of online public services, medical publicity, remote examination and treatment, etc.

Novartis’ significant achievements in Digital Transformation

In 2020, Novartis became the first to apply the Doctuiqy platform in organizing activities connecting healthcare professionals to update scientific knowledge. The company has also cooperated with healthcare organizations and Hello Bac Si to increase public health awareness in Vietnam through digital platforms, partnered with Samsung SDS to apply Brightics RA artificial intelligence technology in routine screening of eye diseases. Furthermore, to improve the quality of its programs and activities, Novartis has invested in technical infrastructure and constructed its own Studio room to conduct online conferences, seminars, etc.

Notably, Novartis has partnered and sponsored for healthcare organizations to successfully implement the program named “Tam Diem” – a forum providing the latest scientific information for cardiologists. The weekly online seminars series have help update specialized knowledge as well as create an academic environment for the specialist to discuss and share their experiences.

Novartis,Digital Transformation
 The units honored for their efforts and outstanding contributions to the Digital Transformation of the Health Sector in 2020.

Following the successes, in late 2020, Novartis launched MedHub - a Novartis Vietnam’s website for healthcare professionals (HCP), a responsive online medical information hub where HCPs are able to gain access to content anywhere that is tailored to their interesting area in Novartis from any device.  The launch of this new platform is a critical step in Novartis’ digital journey to enhance its customer experiences where MedHub powers omni-channel engagement.

“We are very delighted and highly appreciate the recognition from the Vietnamese Government, the Ministry of Health and other authorities for Novartis’ continuous contributions towards the digitalization journey of Vietnam’s healthcare. We look forward to building the long-term, sustainable partnership and going hand in hand with the Vietnamese government in helping Vietnamese patients get more convenient, faster and quality access to healthcare services,” said Mr. Amitabh Dube, Country President, Novartis Vietnam.

Novartis,Digital Transformation
 Mr. Amitabh Dube, Country President of Novartis Vietnam

Novartis’ Digital Transformation journey in Vietnam

With the long-term strategic vision, Novartis has been early aware of the significance of digital transformation in healthcare. At the 11th Asia-Pacific Future Trend Forum which was jointly organized by the Vietnam Medical Association and Novartis in 2018 with the theme: “Building a pathway for the health sector: Use resources and operate efficiently for optimal results in countries with rapidly aging population in Asia,” Novartis highlighted the importance of applying digital in building smart heath systems, use of resources, operate system efficiently to solve major health challenges and bring long-term impacts to the universal healthcare system.

Novartis,Digital Transformation
Novartis is the unique pharmaceutical company honored at the National Digital Transformation Congress

Since then, Novartis has been shaping its direction, continuously been looking for proper solutions and quickly and efficiently implement digital tools to meet the market dynamics. Among those, Novartis’ collaboration with the Ministry of Health through the primary healthcare activities within the framework of the grassroots health system capability-building program created a premise to support the deployment and update of universal electronic health records and the implementation of health examination management at commune health stations in implementing provinces. 

Novartis also advocates realizing the commitment in digital transformation through investing and building a team of digital experts. This activity of Novartis is highly appreciated in expressing their vision and considered to meet the need of technology application in the health sector. Besides, it also aligned with the government and the Ministry of Health’s strategy in digitalizing and transforming the healthcare industry Vietnam.

In early 2020, Novartis Vietnam Ltd. became the first multinational pharmaceutical company to successfully transform into a foreign-invested enterprise and fully operationalize its import activities. Through long-term commitments, Novartis is supporting the domestic healthcare system and contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.

Novartis is a leader in innovative medicines across many therapeutic areas: Oncology, Cardiovascular (hypertension, heart failure, diabetes), Respiratory (Asthma, COPD); Ophthalmology; Pain relief; Neuroscience, Dermatology and Immunology, Cell and Gene therapy... It is also a leader in high quality generics and biosimilars through Sandoz unit, and one of the largest investors in clinical trials in Vietnam.