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Coronavirus-shaped hamburger

The following are just a few examples of retailers' creativity:

Plastic shield prevents spread of virus

To keep a good distance to ensure safety, the owner of a grocery on Hong Mai street in Hai Ba Trung district in Hanoi in early 2020 created a plastic wall to restrict direct contact with customers.

The wall was made of see-through hard plastic sheets with a running track below which allowed the owner to move the wall. All the transactions between the seller and customers were made across the wall.

Fishing rod for coffee delivery

Instead of giving coffee to customers by hand, a coffee shop in district 1, HCM City, did so with the support of a fishing rod. Customers were asked to stand in a place designed for them. The distance from the spot to where the deliverymen stood was 2 meters.

Money was given with the support of the fishing rod. Staff of the coffee shop hung a plastic bag at the top of the fishing rod and asked customers to put money into it.

Though the new method took sellers and buyers more time to complete transactions, the idea was applauded by customers. The method was also used by many other shops.

Using pulleys to sell pho

In April 2020, a shop in Tan Phu district, HCM City, caught special attention from the public when using a pulley system to deliver pho to the hands of customers without close contact.


The 3.5 meter-long pulley held a tray attached to the wheels moving on the door frame. A plastic basket is placed on the pulley, where bowls of pho were put. The basket was also where customers placed money.

Eatery uses flycam to deliver banh my

In an effort to restrict direct contact, Duc Son, the owner of an eatery in Hanoi, used a flycam to deliver food on the grounds of the restaurant. Son was fascinated by flycams, so he decided to use one at the family-run restaurant.

Serving clients at home, barbers earn big money

As many hair salons had to shut down during the lockdown in April 2020, barber services at home became popular.

A barber revealed that he earned no less than VND3 million a day and was completely safe during the pandemic.

Coronavirus-shaped hamburger sells well

The owner of a pizza shop in Hanoi in March 2020 marketed original coronavirus-shaped hamburgers.

He said he wanted to create a positive, funny item during the pandemic days. Each hamburger sold for VND85,000. 

Bao Anh

Japanese, Thai retailers compete in $200 billion retail market

Japanese, Thai retailers compete in $200 billion retail market

After the lockdown this year, shopping malls began to be busy again in the 'new normal' situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hanoi’s pho restaurant: Open at 3am, customers have to line up

Hanoi’s pho restaurant: Open at 3am, customers have to line up

The famous Pho restaurant in Hang Chieu Street, Hanoi, sells its first bowls of pho at 3:30am, even though it opens at 2 am.