Innovative technology intriguing

Asean-china cooperation

The upcoming 18th China-ASEAN Expo is using technological innovation as the "key variable" to deduce the optimal solution for China-ASEAN to deepen digital economic cooperation, specifically:

- There are more exchange activities in sci-tech and digital economy. During the 18th CAEXPO, China-ASEAN Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference, China-ASEAN Artificial Intelligence Summit will be held to pragmatically accelerate the construction of China-ASEAN Information Harbor.

- Technology becomes more "hard-core" and innovation adds vitality. The 18th CAEXPO will continue to set up the Hong Kong section, and the technological power from the Greater Bay Area is actively becoming an important part of the domestic and international dual circulation. The exhibition will take interactive and experiential display as the core, and participants can experience the unique charm of Hong Kong in an "immersive" way through interactive games and physical display.

- The exhibition section for engineering machinery and transportation vehicle will also be set up in the 18th China-ASEAN Expo.

Asean-china cooperation

Technological innovation is promoting the vigorous development of China-ASEAN two-way investment cooperation. According to Ren Hongbin, Assistant to the Minister of Commerce of China, as of the end of June this year, the total cumulative mutual investment between China and ASEAN countries exceeded US$310 billion. Emerging areas such as high-tech, digital economy, and green economy have become the new growth point.

More expectation on digital economy

At the 17th CAEXPO, 86 international and domestic investment cooperation projects and a number of major digital economy projects were signed, and a batch of projects has been initiated.

Asean-china cooperation

In the 18th CAEXPO to be held on September 10-13 this year, digital economy will build in the limited exhibition space a broader trade "space", as well as setting up intelligent "bridges" benefiting all countries.

This year’s CAEXPO will upgrade the original electronic and electrical section to information technology section, and display of innovation application in digital economy will be added. 140 economic and trade activities will be held either online or offline during the Expo, focusing on industries such as digital economy. It is hoped that a number of representative projects for chain construction, strengthening, supplementation, and extension will be signed, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of contracted projects.

On-line CAEXPO offers more opportunities to communicate

A year-round on-line CAEXPO is built, providing services such as 3D exhibition halls, data traceability, online international conferences and business negotiations, etc. This "one-stop" service platform for cooperation and exchanges built at the 17th CAEXPO is very impressive.

Asean-china cooperation

The model of "physical exhibition + On-line CAEXPO" adopted in the 18th CAEXPO will organize online and offline economic and trade activities and guide more businessmen to participate in online matchmaking meeting. On-line CAEXPO will be running throughout the year to provide enterprises with regular economic and trade promotion services.

Online exhibitions and economic and trade activities for Lao PDR, the Country of Honor, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam, etc. are advanced; functions such as "online display", "online conference", and "online negotiation" will be improved; live promotion conferences, product launches, and "one-to-one" video matching activities, etc., will be held; online exhibition will be throughout the year, and economic and trade promotion services will be provided on a regular basis. On-line CAEXPO has revitalized the 18th CAEXPO with more opportunities to communicate.

Asean-china cooperation

Wang Lei, Secretary-General of the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat, said that on-line CAEXPO is an innovative move to respond to the impact of the epidemic and to promote China-ASEAN digital economic cooperation.

Relying on the platform of CAEXPO, the China-ASEAN Economic and Trade Center is unveiled in Nanning, aiming to build a "one-stop" service platform for China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation through the model of "physical platform + internationalization + marketization", exploring continuously the potential of China-ASEAN trade.