This is the first time that the added value of the digital economy has been accurately calculated relative to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Việt Nam sẽ lần đầu có Bộ chỉ tiêu thống kê kinh tế số
Digital enterprises include information and communication technology (ICT) enterprises, telcos and enterprises operating based on ICT platforms. Photo: Trong Dat

The set of statistical indicators for the digital economy reflect the development and impact of the digital economy on the national economy. The digital economy comprises all economic activities based on digital platforms, using digital technology and data to create new business models.

According to the draft circular, the set of statistical indicators will include a list of indicators on the scale of the digital economy, digital infrastructure, the level of digital media popularity, and the level of universalization of online services, digital skills and digital human resources.

In the list, there are many notable indicators such as: the proportion of added value of the digital economy in the GDP, the number of digital-economic enterprises, the percentage of households with computers, the percentage of the population that are covered by mobile network, by fiber optic Internet, percentage of mobile phone users, the coverage of 4G and 5G mobile networks.

Depending on each category, the General Statistics Office, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Industry and Trade will be responsible for the collection of data. The report will be announced quarterly, each six months, annually or biannual Ly, depending on the specific indicator.

According to the draft, the digital economy includes activities providing digital infrastructure services, digital platform services and digital application services.

Digital infrastructure is physical technical infrastructure (telecommunications - information technology infrastructure) that transmits digital information and digital data and to provide digital platform services, digital application services, such as fixed telecommunications services, mobile telecommunications services, Internet connection services, Internet access services, ...


Digital platform service is a service developed based on digital infrastructure to create an environment for digital application services, such as e-commerce floor services (Shopee, Sendo, Amazon, Alibaba, ...), stock exchanges, social networking services (Zalo, Facebook, YouTube, ...) and apps on mobile platforms to provide services (Uber, Grab, ...).

Digital application services are informatics services and information technology application services developed and operated based on digital infrastructure or digital platforms for the use of organizations, businesses and individuals in operation, production, business, sale of goods, and provision of services.

According to the draft, digital economy enterprises will include two groups: information and communication technology enterprises/telecom businesses and businesses based on information and communication platforms (ICT).

Information and communication technology enterprises and telecom businesses are those whose main business is in the field of hardware, software, information technology and telecommunications services.

The enterprises based on ICT platforms are those whose main business is selling goods based on e-commerce platforms and selling services based on digital business platforms.

Trong Dat

Indicators to measure Vietnam's digital economy needed

Indicators to measure Vietnam's digital economy needed

The set of indicators will fully reflect every aspect of the digital economy, including digital infrastructure, the popularity of digital means, online services, and human resources.