HCM City Party Secretary Nguyen Thien Nhan has pointed out that Vietnam has successfully controlled COVID-19, and its great achievement has been recognized by the world. The total number of infections in Vietnam has never reached 1,000.

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Nhan said it is necessary to draw up a roadmap for opening the economy to 17 countries which are the most important partners of Vietnam. The opening will be implemented in accordance with the agreements between the parties.

According to Nhan, from May-August 5, ten out of the 17 economies could be relatively free of COVID, if referring to the criterion that requires fewer than 10,000 people out of every 1 million are under treatment for the disease.

The 17 economies determine 90 percent of Vietnam’s foreign investment, 80 percent of international trade and 80 percent of foreign travelers to Vietnam.

These economies include Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany and Australia. Vietnam needs to figure out detailed opening plans to these economies.

As for the remaining seven economies, including India, the US and Singapore, Vietnam needs to keep a close watch over the epidemic performance in the countries and resume economic exchanges with them after they can meet the requirements, he said.

Nhan mentioned a forecast which is ‘not very good news’ but 'worthy of consideration’: foreign investment in Vietnam in 2020 may decrease by 30 percent compared with last year, while international trade may decrease by 18 percent and tourism by 50 percent.

He thinks policymakers need to consider this prediction to make reasonable adjustments.

To prepare for international tourism resumption, the Tourism Advisory Board has proposed taking a series of measures. It emphasized that Vietnam needs to be one step ahead of regional rivals in the time for opening.

First of all, Vietnam needs to create a set of market opening procedures. Vietnam needs to resume air routes and be sure that only non-stop flights will be provided (allowing chartered flights to markets where there are no routine flights).

The other things that need to be done include: exempting tourism visas; requesting travelers entering Vietnam to make medical declarations; and discussing agreements on coronavirus testing and installation of apps among travelers during their stay in Vietnam.

It is also necessary to ensure safety and prepare measures to close the market if there is risk of infection in the community.

TAB believes that Vietnam needs to first negotiate with countries in Asia and Oceania.

To attract more tourists, TAB said it is necessary to implement a promotion program, positioning Vietnam as a ‘safe paradise’ for tourists.

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