From April 29, the customs clearance site of Hateco Group (operated by Hateco Fulfillment) is allowed to receive post and courier items. They will be transported independently from international land border gates, international multimodal railway stations, international airports, seaports to the customs clearance site in Long Bien Inland Clearance Depot (ICD). The customs agency here will conduct the inspection and customs clearance for the items.

The customs clearance site covering an area of 5,000 square metres at Hateco Logistics Center (120,000sq.m), which includes warehouses and other auxiliary works.

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 The customs clearance site located in Long Bien ICD, Hanoi

According to Hateco’s information, the customs clearance site for post and courier items is the cornerstone in the complete ecosystem of Hateco Fulfillment’s logistics services, of which transboundary orders need to be processed.

The licensed customs clearance site is the solution that helps to ease the intensity of goods transportation and the pressure on border gates and seaports, as while accelerating the customs clearance of post and courier items.

Completing logistics ecosystem to process transboundary orders

Hateco Fulfillment positions itself as a provider and operator of all logistics services processing transboundary orders, from import and export of post and courier items, goods customs clearance, order fulfilment, and delivery to addresses of recipients.

Hateco’s ecosystem of transboundary logistics services is developed with high technologies and automation applications to offer a complete smart supply chain solution.

logistics,post,courier service
 The Hateco Fulfillment Centre in ICD Long Bien

The ecosystem of Hateco Fulfillment supports import and export operations, as well as warehouse storage and transportation. On March 4, Hateco Group received the prime minister’s decision approving the key contents of the investment project on constructing Dock No.5 and Dock No.6 at Lach Huyen harbour area of Hai Phong port. This is a crucial premise for Hateco Fulfillment to develop logistics services for export-import of production materials as well as finished products.


Enterprises have more choices to create growth momentum

Right after receiving the operational license, Hateco Fulfillment will process orders round the clock all week long, while applying automotive technology and IT to shorten the customs clearance duration with the capacity of up to 500,000 parcels a day.

Facilities and equipment at Hateco Fulfillment customs clearance site ensure the customs agency’s management, inspection, and supervision of post and courier items. The centre is equipped with two high-tech X-Ray scanning machines meeting all European standards and having the screening speed of 15-20 packages per minute with very high accuracy. They can detect banned substances, flammable and explosive materials, and drugs.

logistics,post,courier service
 High-tech X-Ray scanning machine detects banned substances, flammable and explosive materials, as well as drugs

logistics,post,courier service

 The system of modern conveyor belts helps to accelerate the processing of goods

The Hateco Fulfillment customs clearance site for courier items under Hateco Logistics Centre is located in Long Bien ICD along the route from Huu Nghi border gate to Hanoi (2km from Nguyen Van Linh-Highway 1A intersection), connecting Hanoi-Haiphong Highway (2km away from the feeder of the highway) straight to Noi Bai airport (200m away from Highway 5A).

Previously, in accordance with Decision No.07/2021/QD-TTg by the PM which shall take effect from May 1, Hateco Group have also been allowed to change the border gate and to have its customs clearance conducted at Long Bien ICD for almost all items, excluding special ones such as aircraft, yachts, gasoline of all kinds, explosive precursors, and industrial explosive materials in line with the list regulated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and scrap in line with the list regulated by the PM.

logistics,post,courier service
 The whole view of Long Bien ICD

Hateco Fulfillment Customs Clearance Site

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