The award is for companies operating in the insurance industry. Participants were evaluated based on diverse and extensive criteria to demonstrate their business size, human resource management capacity, and human development strategy. Other criteria also include training policies, diversity and openness in corporate culture, beneficial policies catering to employees’ working conditions as well as their physical and mental health, in addition to awards the company has won.

Chubb Life

Over the years, Chubb Life Vietnam has been honored with various awards for its working environment by both domestic and international organizations. For three consecutive years, the company has been voted by Anphabe as one of “Vietnam Best Places to Work”, and recently, one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2020” in a survey organized by the reputable HR Asia.

A crucial criterion of the award and also the talent attraction factor of Chubb Life Vietnam is a working environment built on harmonic elements.

Frequently named among insurers with exceptional working environment, Chubb Life Vietnam has proven its excellent human resource management strategy.

“Chubb Life Vietnam is proud of all the awards we have won thanks to the combined effort of every Company member. Together we have created a great working environment where everyone can experience, grow and succeed,” a company’s representative said.


A crucial criterion of the award and also the talent attraction factor of Chubb Life Vietnam is a working environment built on harmonic elements. These are the utmost safety of employees, wide open promotion opportunities with a clear development roadmap for every member, well-deserving compensations and attractive benefits, as well as different activities to help employees maintain their work-life balance. Employees are also benefited from comprehensive trainings, encouraged to be creative and empowered to self-explore, which will foster their sustainable development and strong loyalty to the Company.

Chubb Life

After 15 years of vigorous growth and constant reputation as a Professional – Prestigious – Benchmark insurer in the market, the company now owns a priceless asset. It is the approximately 400 employees and 46,000 Sales Managers and Sales Representatives across the country with well-trained expertise and highest professional ethical standards.

Chubb Life is the international life insurance division of Chubb. In Asia, Chubb Life operates in Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, and participates in a joint-venture in China.

Chubb Life has been in Vietnam since 2005, and launched its Fund Management Company (Chubb Life Fund Management Company Limited) in 2013. To meet the financial protection and security needs of its broad range of customers, Chubb Life Vietnam offers a range of life protection, savings, and investment-linked insurance solutions through its agents, banks and its wide network of offices. 

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