China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) is tailored to the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, through which enterprises can enjoy more business opportunities in terms of trade and investment facilitation, cross-border park construction, etc.,

CAEXPO has been leading the way in China using exhibition as a platform to promote international industrial capacity cooperation, and building a platform of policy interpretation, industry docking and information service for China and ASEAN countries.

Platform is provided to boost exchanges in key areas. Over the past 17 years, a series of high-level conferences and forums in various areas including interconnectivity, science and technology, customs, quality inspection, finance, information, and law, have been held during CAEXPO, cooperation mechanisms on multiple fields have been established, and a number of major projects including China-ASEAN Information Harbor have been advanced. In addition, exchange activities on culture, sports and education have also been held along with CAEXPO, which actively enhanced people-to-people exchanges.

Asean-china cooperation

CAEXPO provides impetus for RCEP

CAEXPO has expanded its service from "10+1" to RCEP countries in accordance with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiation process. Among the RCEP members, Australia and South Korea have participated in the CAEXPO as Special Partner Countries. It is worth mentioning that the CAEXPO Secretariat also hosted the fourth round of RCEP negotiation in 2014.

Asean-china cooperation

The 17th China-ASEAN Expo coincided with the signing of RCEP. Therefore, the content of RCEP was taken into account in the design and actual content of CAEXPO.

CAEXPO is upgraded to improve the quality and efficiency on bilateral economic and trade cooperation. For example, the electric power exhibition section focuses on "Internet +" smart energy, and the electronics exhibition section displays drones, smart robots, and electronic equipment products based on 5G technology, meeting the needs of industrial upgrading in ASEAN countries.


Exhibitions and conferences interact effectively to explore new business opportunities in key areas. A series of important conferences and forums were held during CAEXPO. Speeches by representatives from political and business circles and academics from many countries all mentioned that we should further strengthen RCEP cooperation.

Asean-china cooperation

The CAEXPO Secretariat also organized a number of chambers of commerce and enterprises from RCEP members such as Japan External Trade Organization, Korean Federation of Small and Medium Business, and Australia-China Trade and Business Development to participate, and special exhibition sections have been set up for Japan and South Korea.

Consolidating the platform to seize strategic opportunities

The 18th CAEXPO, which will be held in Nanning from September 10-13 this year, will promote the RCEP cooperation through various activities such as setting up RCEP section and holding thematic events.

To embrace RCEP's entry into force, in this CAEXPO, ASEAN Secretariat and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce will co-host the RCEP Economic and Trade Cooperation Business Summit, and promote the publication of the "Nanning Initiative on Jointly Facilitating the Early Entry into Force of RCEP".

Ministry of Commerce of China and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce will jointly organize a training course on RCEP for the SMEs in China, improving their capability in seizing business opportunities brought by RCEP. In addition, the CAEXPO Secretariat will work with the University of International Business and Economics to release a blue book, A Guide to RCEP Business Opportunities.

Asean-china cooperation

In the 18th CAEXPO, activities will be held for Pakistan as the Special Partner Country, including setting up the national image display section and commodity booths, and organizing national promotional conference, etc.