The State holds 65 percent of the charter capital of the Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited 


Accordingly, the State holds at least 65 percent of the charter capital in fourSOE enterprises, such as the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank),the Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited, theVietnam Northern Food Corporation, and the Mineral One Member Co., Ltd.

The State will hold at least 50 percent to below 65 percent of charter capitalin 62 other SOEs, according to the decision.

The PM assigned ministers, chairmen of provincial People's Committees and councilsof members of economic groups to be responsible for organising and implementingthe equitisation in accordance with regulations.

They were also asked to report to the PM for considering and deciding theadjustment of the proportion of capital held by the State at enterprises thatare producing and supplying products and public services, and those playing animportant role in local economic development, and other specific cases.

Reports on equitisation progress of enterprises should be reported to theMinistry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Finance and the SteeringCommittee for Enterprise Innovation and Development for synthesis beforesubmitting to the Prime Minister.

Since 2016, as many as 162 SOEs have been equitised with a total value of over205 trillion VND, or 108 percent recorded during 2011-2015.