Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Bank for Social Policy Bui Van Son said that, at the end of August, the municipal Bank for Social Policy sent an official dispatch to the local Department of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs asking the department to advise and submit to the HCM City People's Committee a package of interest-free consumer support loans for citizens.

Specifically, the program is expected to be implemented in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. However, there has been no response. In 2022, the HCM City Bank for Social Policies said it will continue to pursue this recommendation.

If approved, the loans will be given to people from poor and near-poor households so they can meet their needs in buying food, daily-life items, medical examinations and treatment, and means of transportation. The interest rate applied to the program is zero and the debt is collected monthly.

40,000 businesses registered to use electronic invoices

After 10 days of implementing e-invoices, about 40,000 businesses have registered to apply, and over 81,000 e-invoices have been made.

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Mr. Luu Duc Huy, Director of Tax Policy Department (General Department of Taxation), said that although there were problems in the early stages related to transmission lines and software solutions, both tax authorities and supply organizations have been providing solutions, connecting organizations, regularly updating their applications, and answering questions from businesses to ensure that electronic invoices sent to tax authorities for code issuance are done quickly.

According to a plan from the Ministry of Finance, by June 30, 2022, 100% of enterprises in Vietnam are expected to have used e-invoices.

Ho Chi Minh City sets 6-6.5% growth in 2022

"This is a reasonable goal because the consensus and synergies are very strong, the desire for recovery and development is great," said Party Secretary Nguyen Van Nen at the 10th HCM City Party Committee conference.

According to Mr. Nen, in the tasks and solutions set out for 2022, the city still gives priority to epidemic prevention and control, consistent with the motto “Safe, flexible, effective”.


Re-opening international flights is reconsidered as new Omicron variant emerges

The Ministry of Transport had earlier developed a plan on opening certain air routes and reported to the Prime Minister on November 8.

Accordingly, Vietnam planned to re-open international flight routes to Japan, South Korea and 10 other countries in different phases based on the needs of each market.

However, due to the new Omicron variant, Vietnam has had to re-negotiate with a few countries. “Opening international routes with a country must have the consent of that country. Airlines must also comply," said Deputy Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong.

Owner of cryptocurrency Tcbcoin arrested

Police in Duy Tien town (Ha Nam province) have arrested Ninh Duc Huan (30, Hanoi) for using computer networks, telecommunications networks and electronic means to illegally appropriate assets.

Since 2020, Huan has been the administrator and operator of the cryptocurrency exchange site, whose server based in Vietnam issues Tcbcoin (TCFX).

From November 2020 until now, Huan's site has attracted thousands of investors who poured in capital with a total amount of 55 billion VND.

The case is being investigated further because Ninh Duc Huan also manages eight other cryptocurrency exchange sites.




Issues at Nhon-Hanoi Station metro line to be discussed at upcoming meeting